After seeing Memory on the Menu post by Daily post, I pushed my brain to think of faint memories from childhood. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. You get so busy in life that you forget where it all began. You forget how everything got here. We need to be thankful for all the good and not so good memories because that helped us grow to what we are today.

I decided to write down few instances that my brain picked up as a response to this;  they are the best because they are absolutely silly!

  • Playing cricket with my brother and his friends as a kid – I don’t remember any of them. Just one scene of me with the bat in a small plot near the quarters we used to stay. Faint memory of lifting my leg while I hit the ball.
  • I know that the first English movie I watched was Baby’s day out. I don’t remember watching it.
  • After effect of watching the movie Anaconda –  I couldn’t sleep alone for almost a year after watching the movie Anaconda. I needed my mom. I don’t remember watching that either.
  • My brother taught me to ride a bicycle – the only thing I remember is falling down a lot.
  • Pretending to study while I fiddled with my phone behind the books.
  • Pretending to be too sleepy to process anything the night before an exam, so that my mum wouldn’t review whatever I learned.
  • I played innocent just to trick my tutor to punish an innocent boy.
  • I used to hang out with my best friend all day in school and still chat on the phone with her after school.
  • Graduating from college – how proud it felt to have my dad and brother there!
  • The first salary – I don’t particularly remember how that felt!
  • Living on my own – felt like I was given wings!
  • The faintest memory (that tops everything) is the face of a senior from my college, whom I didn’t know at all then and who is my husband today.


Our recent vivid memories are going to be tomorrow’s sweet haze memories!