My sensations – be it my eyes, nose or ears – are very sharp. I hear everything. I notice everything. I can even smell a faint smell that people around me wouldn’t. Really, am not bragging.

My work place has almost 2000 employees. Conversations and phone calls out loud and out in the open are quite common (among both the ladies and men). I hear romance, fights, catch ups, gossips – of people I don’t even know.

It’s not fun. It’s not funny.

Sometimes I feel for whoever the person is, if it’s a fight. Silently smile and relate to the romance. Roll my eyes at the gossip I can’t  relate to. I wish I never heard any of these. It’s creepy, to not know a person but know their stories.

There is a north Indian lady, I don’t know her name, but I do know that she (or her sister) is getting married the coming week and she didn’t get train tickets. She booked flight instead and will land just in time for the pooja. She got her dress  stitched and apparently is very gorgeous. An HR who interviewed her for this job has become family through this marriage. And from what I understand they are not that fond of each other, for reasons unknown. They had a long chat about how he claims he got her this job and how she claims that she proved her candidature to get the job and not through some favor. She was reiterating it to someone, either her sister or her new hubby I guess. Thankfully no names were mentioned (at least I didn’t hear it!)

A man who can’t seem to catch a break from giving advice to his brother, that not all failures are the end of the world.

There’s this south Indian who is getting her house painted, and she couldn’t get a particular tile which she had booked because it went out of stock. I even heard her email password one day. I don’t know her Email ID not even her name!

Few friends who thinks can’t seem to catch a break from teasing their friend of all the matrimonial interviews he’s been having.

How one manager analysis how many hours you spent on specific tasks and cross verifies your weekly reported hours.

Conversations about how some people can’t quit smoking and getting other to passively smoke, about how the lift will crash one day with all the squashing in, how the mother in law doesn’t seem to stop butting in; how someone has lost weight or become fat, or dressing sense of someone, lifestyle, so on and so forth!

I can’t catch a break without my ears talking to me!!

Don’t all of us have our own share of all of these? We’ve been part of them too!

I just prefer them in our private space and not in the elevators, or pantries, or restrooms!