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How many times I have had this conversation with my friends trying to figure out what we would do with something lost that we found? It’s not that easy as it sounds, you’d know if you’ve had this conversation. The right and expected thing to do is to return it. There will be some of us would want to keep it (something that we don’t need or something without which, till that very moment, we were doing fine). We humans are a fascinating creation, 🙂

I love beaches! I grew up in a city surrounded by water bodies! My love for beaches started when I was very young. I’d go there when I feel low, when I feel happy, when I want myself to get a perspective on things, to feel loved, and the list just never ends., Hell, I even got proposed at the beach.


my perspective of “down the memory lane”

I collect shells, stones, and other little odd stuff you find on the beach, now and then. I note down the date to remember why I was at the beach that day.Those are little memories I carry. I have never found something materialistic buried in the sand till date. But one day if I do, I would not give it in. I would put up a notice or a flier or even inform the locals to spread the word about it. If the rightful owner is still looking for it, he/she will find me. If none finds me, it becomes my memory and joins bowl of shells and stones.

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