I usually write when my mind is clear. Where I can breathe fresh air.

And it is usually an early morning, out in my balcony. This is my private space.

My space where I have winds blowing, clouds moody, and the birds singing. I create my own world in that small balcony of mine.

I can’t write – when my husband is around, as we both together can get very distracted and lazy, which is a horrible combination.

I can’t write during the day when my mind is cluttered with all sorts of thoughts, which if I may, call it noise. My mind is hardly ever at rest.

And  I can’t write unless I get an inspiration of some sort. This is probably because I am not a full-time nor a matured writer.

But if I am inspired, the environment around won’t stop me from writing.


Thanks for reading.

This is written for the Daily Post entry – Writing Space