I witnessed an accident yesterday that involved a grandpa and grandma. It was a simple tire puncture, but that caused the car to hit a post. Grandpa was fine but grandma, who was on the same side where the car got hit, was lying still. The paramedics were trying to check her stats and get her out of the car and into the ambulance carefully. Grandpa was standing outside with the police explaining what happened and he was shivering. I couldn’t tell if it was because of the accident or not.

I just stood there wishing that she was okay, waiting to see her move or open her eyes, just for my selfish satisfaction. It didn’t look like a major accident at all, but the fact that it involved an elderly couple, one cant just assume anything. The paramedics were extremely patient and calm which clearly helped the grandpa. She was in the ambulance in no time and they were checking her there itself, which was a good sign because that would mean nothing was critical to have her rushed to the hospital. Maybe they were just being careful since she was a senior citizen.

I was relieved to an extent and continued on my way. But I still have not been able to stop thinking about them. I hope they are fine and back home.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. One of the best element is the companionship one gets. You do everything together, grow old together, plan things together, you share everything in life together. You get so attached to that one person that your major portion of your life revolves around that one person. But what happens after you grow old? Sticking by each others side you grow old not knowing what tomorrow is going to bring. And that’s when it struck me – the best element in a marriage is, peculiarly the worst element in itself!

PS: It’s applicable to any relationship, I agree. But marriage is a whole different level of companionship. The feeling is same towards ones parents and siblings.


Thanks for reading.