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My husband and I have had a good 1.5 year of marriage. We slacked a bit in the first year, but we blamed it on the newly wed air around us. 🙂 And a couple of months after we celebrated our first anniversary as a married couple in the most royal way possible, we cut down. We cut down our major luxuries, our immature urges, and our childishness; pretty much anything you can call slacking. Basically, we decided to grow up a bit. 😛

We got our budgets straight, our financial planned, and our expenses strictly monitored. So far, we’ve been good kids. The urge for sudden outings and shopping’s have come down drastically. Every time I see something pretty or something I want, I stop and think to myself, “do I really need it?” Most of the time the answer is a NO.

Keeping the budgets in mind, the first thing we did this year was throw a party. I love playing host and what better way to be one than this, I thought! It is most likely our first and maybe our last official house party. We had our close friends over, good food, and good music. Everyone brought their own alcohol and one appetizer dish. Being the host, I simply could not go without being one step forward. I moved my couch from the livingroom and I set up disco lights that covered the entire living room to an absolute party hall. I also prepared Sangria for welcome toast. And I loved the way it turned out. I dipped the fruits I chose in brandy overnight and just transferred them to a good port wine. I think I added sugar to reduce the sourness.

The advantage in throwing a party at home is you can do whatever you want and exactly how you want it. But the biggest con is that you won’t get to enjoy it as much as the guests. Being the host, I had to take up multiple roles which sort of brought my focus down on enjoying. I didn’t even end up drinking. But I have no complaints, as I did end having a good time. I had everyone I love in that room that night, except my family! But it was New Years and that is all about friends to me.

The party went till dawn and everyone crashed at my place. The next day we had a yummy breakfast from mommy in law and everyone bid adieu. After all this, I had my half time with my husband 🙂

Yes, january was a hard month to catch up on! Work and financial planning ensured it went really fast. I setup monthly planners to ensure we were at our productive bests. I upgraded my Pictionary board to our weekly board were both of us will note the things to be done and strike off as and when a task is done. This can get overwhelming, but so far we have been making it work.

Towards the end of the month, we had a weekend visitor. We were a bit tight on the finance with all the tax investments and cuttings that we were suspecting. But we made it work! It was a fun lazy 3 days with our close friend. One particular day stood out as a highlight. It was the night we stepped out to meet up a friend at this lovely pub and I fell in love with their DJ! He played songs that all of us forgot even existed. It brought back both school and college memories and it was great!We spoke about so many random things and laughed our hearts out! 😀

Last weekend was done and came Monday. We have been talking about shifting houses for so long and atlast that was the day we decided! We informed our landlords and it was official.

🙂 😦

I love everything about this house and am sure the blues are going to kick in real soon. That is probably going to be my February rant.

So, for now.. Goodnight 🙂