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February has always been an interesting month for me and the reasons are three fold – It is super short and goes super-fast. This month lets you save more since it goes super-fast, and it will be time for next month salary before you even know it! And it has Valentine’s Day which, even though I don’t like to make a big deal of it, I do love to make it special in my own way. And it is usually the laziest time of the year for me.

As I write this, I am on the last working day of February. The highlight of this month was, without any doubt the time we got for each other when his mother was away. I enjoy taking care of him and spoiling him with food. And it is a lot of fun doing chores together and planning together, which I have to admit we didn’t get to do much when it comes to certain aspects of the home.

And the next highlight was definitely Valentine’s Day. We both love to celebrate it, but we don’t love to be luxurious about it. We make it special, in our own way. For this Valentine’s Day, we decided to stay at home. We turned the whole date night into a fabulous one in the comfort of our own home.

We pulled out our luxurious mattress that we invested in to our spacious living room and threw lots of pillows to make it comfy. I put up our Christmas lights around the bed and coffee table giving the room the softness it needed in the evening. I did not like the idea of bright tube lights on my face when we’re trying to have a candle light dinner, nor do I want it to be super dark that I can’t see what am eating. Wine was on the table and fabulous music in the background. A classic movie was also ready for the later part of the night. We also had a table set up in our balcony with lights and flowers which he got me for our anniversary that I saved up from our trip to Tokyo and is now dried flowers in our house. I decided to leave out the candles since our balcony gets super breezy at night!

Once everything was set up, I went for a shower and that is when he decided to step out to collect the food we ordered in. After a while, he showed up at the front door in formals with roses in his hand. 😀

We started off with the wine in our balcony and we ended up chating for an hour or so. With conversation, music playing the background and star lit sky, it couldn’t get any better I thought to myself. We shifted to the living room to watch the movie. We had our dinner, which btw was from this amazing continental place which I personally feel is not discovered highly yet. It was absolutely yummy, but we sort of were not that hungry anymore since we spent a lot of time talking while eating our starters. But nothing was wasted, thankfully. Later, we had ice cream in bed while still watching the movie. Once the movie was over, the music was back on, the lights were switched off, and we called it a night.

By mid of February, we had started to look for apartments to shift and we sort of had our mind set on the current area we live. We found a few in a complex we really liked and decided to check it out one of the weekend. One particular owner and his apartment stood out. He was a charming, friendly fellow (1 point to him), his house was almost everything we were looking for (5 points to him), and he wasn’t keen on the rent and deposit (1000 points to him) 😀 You could say we were smitten but as always since things were too good to be true, I was skeptical. I wanted to check out few more houses just for comparison sake, but my partner had his mind set. I was happy too since it took care of all the concerns I had. I gave in, in the end. And that’s how we decided on our new apartment! :/

But with all this excitement, I was feeling a blue about leaving the apartment we live now. It is a pretty cozy place with a beautiful view. The house is always cool and the security is error free. Even though I have a lot of issues with this place, I will still miss it. It has given us a lot of fun memories to cherish 🙂 It is time to move on to better things in life.

Moving on to the next best highlight of this month. I completed 1 year of working in my current company. It doesn’t feel like a big deal in all sense since this is not my first job. But it’s a big deal in one specific way. This was a blessing that came from nowhere, which changed our lives for the better. This job was literally handed over to me. It’s really funny how God works in our lives.

Last year around February end, I was out to meet a friend when I get a call from a person whom I couldn’t even call a friend. He was just an acquaintance whom I knew (hardly) through a friend. When I say I knew him, it was a smile (maybe) when I see him or occasional hello (again maybe). I didn’t see the call initially, but later my friend called asking me to call her friend back. When I call him, he tells me about this opportunity which is mine if I want it. I didn’t want to agree at first because I was lazy to make an effort, especially since they wanted me to come in right away for an interview. I have a talk with my husband and I realized that it was a job I did once upon a time see if I could do. So I decide to check it out, no harm done. I went right away where I had a telephonic “interview” with my current manager. It was not an interview but more like a “when can you join” call. He was desperate to get a replacement who can join immediately and I was happy to be a working woman again. Since I had a tiny leverage I asked for what I was expecting salary wise, and I was given what I wanted. I was asked to join the very next day and thus started my career with my current company. I have no one else to thank but God himself. And it is not the first time he has provided me with a miracle.

That was February. Bring it on, March. The big month I’ve been excited about. I’ll tell you all about it in my March post 🙂