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Mid of 2013  was the most the important month in my life. It was the month I got married. With anything that could go wrong during that month, it was still the biggest moment of all.

Little did I know that one year down the line, I would be handed with another excitement. No, it was not a baby 😛

Everything happened so fast that there was no time to comprehend anything. Let me recall how it all started.

So it was a day after we informed our landlord that we plan to shift, my husband got a call from work asking if he was willing to work from client site for a period of 6months. Obviously his answer was a Yes, but the only problem was, HE DID NOT HAVE A PASSPORT! We informed our landlord with deepest regrets that we will not be shifting due to this last minute development  and he was alright with it. But to make matters worse, for him to get a passport, things were a bit more complicated than we thought. He is a citizen by descent, and not by birth. So the proceeding in such a case was different and he could not opt for the faster process. And to get an address proof that was accepted by the officials was not easy either. We tried banks, company letter, and rental agreement. Finally a telephone connection from the government was our only hope. We ran around from one office to the other and finally we had it in our hands, just in time for his appointment. All went well there and then came the police verification. With one thing after the other going on, we didn’t get the time to digest that it was in fact going to happen. Finally the passport was here and then came the tickets. It was time for him to fly. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling exactly. I was thrilled that he was going which meant some sort of upgrade in his career. But I must admit this: when I saw him pass that gate, I felt lost.

Ten months into being a couple doing things together and being together all the time, it sort of affects your brain. Being alone suddenly makes you realize how attached you can get to another soul.

Moving on to better things in the story.

His flight landed few hours late than what was estimated. His friend/colleague was there to pick him up. He got busy within moments and each day was a new excitement, to hear about his day in a new country. I killed my time doing the things I used to do, trying my best to keep myself occupied. I was trying to join him two months later for our anniversary month, if all went well. All the documentary work was going on the side and I tried my best not to excite myself, in case things didn’t work out in my favor.

As it always happens, nothing was going well. My work faced a roadblock first and when that got sorted out, my Visa processing faced a block. When I thought things were finally set, I faced issues with some licensing issue for the software I needed to work with. I still remember that Friday when I almost got a heart attack. No one knew how it could be fixed and it was clearly a big mess. With all the long process to follow between offshore and on-site, I figured it could never be fixed overnight.

I don’t know if it was the panic attack or the determination to be with my husband, I worked late that night trying to figure out what was going on with my software. This issue was faced by my counterparts for almost a year now.

Hell, I don’t know what happened next. Two days with that and I diagnosed the issue and fixed it. I was proud, yes. But I was more relieved than proud. My final block had passed. Now all it took was the tickets to reach me and for me to pack my bags.

I will see you on the other side where I write the travelogue of my life’s best adventure so far. 🙂