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On my 27th (sigh!) birthday seeing me all blue about getting older, a good friend asked me how my life has changed after I crossed my early 20’s. I was thinking about my late and early 20’s, and I thought why not write it down!

So in a nutshell, everything comes down to this :

  • Just catching up with my besties became more fun that getting presents or even shopping (I still love shopping :P).
  • The time I lived alone or with my friends was the time in my life I was truly free. Now it is a battle of bills and responsibilities; and ultimately the survival of the fittest.
  • Planning my finance became a part of who I am.
  • Drinking and clubbing became less fun when I hit the legal age to do all that!
  • There was no more driving after drinking. There will always be one guy in the gang whose turn was to be sober, to get everyone home safe.
  • Food habit became a healthy decision.
  • Watching movies/shows I love, at home in my pajamas is a great idea for a good Friday night instead of getting dressed and hitting the club.
  • Having to socialize sometimes became really exhausting and there always come a moment when I urge for a time out from everything and everyone.
  • Social media was a way to meet people and stay in touch once upon a time. And now I see it ruining the social life of some where it really matters.
  • I finally learned that I can’t please everyone. And I am finally okay with what people think about me.
  • I learned that life does get better. And I don’t have the urge to have everything figured out right away. I have the patience to wait for things to come around.
  • I learned that love takes a few chances till it finally hits hard.
  • Life became less of an experiment as I moved further away from my early 20’s.

Wonder what 30’s going to bring 🙂


PS: I know am missing a lot of points. Feel free to pitch in 🙂