These two months brought in a lot of interesting (at first) changes. I got obsessed with DIY crafts and organizing things around me. I spend days watching videos and researching on recycling and upcycling. I found myself thinking of ideas all the time. A few days later, I started playing around with the things at home that were considered trash. Later I hit the craft store and I must warn you, this is a dangerous place. A craft shop will suck you right in. I got lost in there. I had no clue where to begin. I don’t even want to tell you guys how much the bill came up to in the end!

My obsession continued. I made DIY phone holders and stationary holder. I recycled all the wine bottles at home. With glue and glitter stuck on my hands, the smell of fevicol, and the mess – it brings back so many memories!

On the other side, we had got into packing full on. Each day one box would be filled and kept aside. I like doing these things as it was well organized in my head and went as per my plan (I was surprised I had the patience!). One weekend was spent sanitizing the new apartment.

We shifted in no time. And we were unpacking in no time. It took me months to unpack everything completely for many reasons. I had issues with the house; I had issues with the storage, and so many other issues things that come along in a rented apartment. Things were moving so slow and the workers are so not punctual. Every single day I wonder if it is worth all this effort for a house which is not even ours! But the rent is pocket friendly, the locality is peaceful, and we are still very happy (keeping aside these issues). So we decided to give it sometime and see if things get worked out. If it doesn’t, then we are definitely out of here!

The problem with us women is every little thing that is not right bothers us. And for men (read: the man I live with), doesn’t care much about the little things because according to him, the house is not ours. In a way it’s good because it helps me see from another perspective and I try not to sweat the little things.

So this is what I’ve been dealing with. My reason for being MIA and my reason for 2 months in 1 post, because I kid you not, this is all I’ve been doing all this time. My life has become that boring.

But it’s done. I am not wasting anymore days in this “rut”. I am getting back on track. May looks promising.