I have never been good at keeping my blogs regularly and I still come back thinking this time it’s going to be different.

This week has been terrible. The weather has not been helping, works been hectic, and obviously my mood has his own agenda.

Sleep is a hard to achieve goal these days. I manage to fall asleep after trying so hard, but then, I get into a dream marathon. The dream turns to be so intense that I feel myself actively participating by clenching or moving. Then I get conscious and I tell myself to forget the dream and get to sleep! Oh, the drama!

May June July has been a struggle in the new house trying to get a hold on things. Even as July ends, things are far away from getting over. It’s progress alright, but really slow. I am tired of all the issues related to the house, but I still love the place. It’s cozy and always breezy. My plants seem happy here. And the cost of living is brilliant. So I think I will suck it up for a year to see how it goes.

A couple of weeks back we happened to have a day out with a bunch of our friends. We had airgun shooting, flight simulator, bull ride, quad biking, wall climbing, laser tag, bowling, swimming, table tennis.. Oh God so many things in a single day! It was painful, but a hell lot of fun. Makes you wonder why you don’t do stuff so often!



Something you need to know about me.. I have this epiphany more often that I should. And what’s more troubling is, I go back to my routine and forget about it in no time. Every single time.

I need some inspiration. To write, to make the best of my time, to work out.. By the time I wrap this post up, I will be googling for inspirations. Then I am going to get tired and head to the kitchen to cook. And then forget all about it.



aaargh, I am hopeless.