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Last week was one of my best friend’s (cum ex-roommate cum batchmate) birthday. She was coming over and I really hadn’t thought through her gift yet.

For me, lack of planning is a mess. I need time to plan things out to the smallest detail. I don’t like rushing things. I don’t like last minute plans. I need a plan any day every day and I need to stick to it. I may or may not spoil your plan this way.
And then there is the planning for getting someone something. I always tell myself it has to be something useful. Even if it’s a pretty thing to just look at it, it should touch base with one of the three things – uniqueness, usefulness and practicality.

Now getting a gift every single occasion, can be really stressful! Especially for people like me who really isn’t a perfectionist, but is almost one. I am usually proud about my ideas, given that I got enough time to ponder on it.

This time it was different. There wasn’t enough time. She had just visited the US, so I was sure I didn’t want to gift her anything western as she had shopped from a western country already!

We have known each other over years, so we have gone past the phase of silly fancy gifts to creative gifts to anything off the rack gifts. It has gotten difficult over the years as we now have more refined taste in things.

Oh, this social pressure!

This tradition of gifting honestly is traumatic. Whatever happened to simply gifting? Now and then; whenever you feel like; no strings attached?

Of course special occasions need to be celebrated. I am all game for that. But my idea is really about spending time with them, going out, celebrating!
Gifting shouldn’t be something that’s taken for granted.

Slowly this has come to be the trend among my friends and am happy the way we have evolved. This time when they came over, they got me a painting that fascinated them.. It had an interesting story behind it, and what’s better was it went so well with my living room feel that I had going on. See how random it was? And definitely unique! There was no pressure, no expectations and man what a surprise!

I anyway got her an Indian office wear as I hadn’t seen in her such a long time and I figured she could use something Indian! But being her birthday, the pressure made it really look like it wasn’t up to the mark. I honestly thought of not even bringing it up and returning to the shop instead.

That’s the difference between social pressure and randomness.