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My biggest weakness in life is the way my body clock has been conditioned when it comes to sleep.

I can sit however late in the night and I can sleep early as well if need be. There’s never been any trouble there. But I always wake up by 6 and I don’t even need an alarm for this. It’s a habit I have had for so many years, I can’t even remember when this all began.

During a normal working day, this seems perfect. I can never get late. But over the weekend or a holiday or the day after a party, this can be really stressful. I usually end up waking up at the same time, and I lay in bed forcing myself to try and sleep just so that I can get some balance. Even then, am up and about by 7 tops. And to top this, I cannot sleep during the day. I have tried a million times, but I never could.

Aaaargh. I envy people who can sleep whenever and how much ever they want!

So this habit brought up another major habit, without which I feel really zoned out. Straight out of bed, I head to the kitchen and make myself a really good cup of coffee. It’s a must that it has to come out perfect; otherwise I can get really cranky. I sit on my balcony with my coffee and smell the fresh morning smell of the earth! I live in a place where it is always cool in the mornings, most of the time misty. It overlooks a small lake and a lot of greenery which really tunes my mood right for the day.

I am usually up before everyone else’s at home, as you can imagine, and that gives me some me time. It’s the most wonderful and essential part of my day as it gives you a chance to evaluate yourself and sometimes understand what you truly value, before getting into the daily hustle and bustle of life.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daily Ritual.”