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August is a happy month. Much awaited? Not really. Honestly, it’s just a reminder of how much time was wasted 😉

Two years back, a much-pursued dream came true. Getting married to a man of my choice. I was really keen on not getting married much before all the love shove drama began. When I put forward my ideology towards my family, I realized that was no way going to come true. Down the line, I learned it was selfish of me to even have that dream. So then I put forward my next ideology, which was having the freedom to choose. But I wasn’t thinking of profiles then (I am from India, and profiles of groom and bride are a thing here! 😀 ). Lucky for me, this man came along to make things a lot easier.

So this was the wedding month in 2013 and destined to be known as the anniversary month. In 2014, this was the month we lived a dream in Japan. I just had to put it out there, forgive me. 😛

We’d decided to keep it low profile compared to last year because let’s face it.. We are no Ambani’s 😛 So we decided to take the day off and spend some time with each other. It was a fun day! We started off with a brunch at a dhaba and then watch a movie. We decided to try out Gold class for the first time! And let me tell you, that couch was heavenly! A couch and a good movie are a match made in heaven! That couch will one day be mine, mostly once I kick out my (yet to conceive) kids and we both retire 😛

Then we decided to do the typical fancy dinner date drama at a gorgeous little restaurant to toast our survival of two years.