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Life is filled with two-sides-of-a-coin-moments! I can think of two things that top the list for this daily prompt.

Seven years ago if someone said, let’s go dancing, I would scream hell yeah!
Partying like no tomorrow, that was some life back then. No care for who saw or judged. No care, of looking clumsy. I could dance non-stop till two in the morning and end the day wishing for more.
And today?
It’s been years since I last partied. Not because I don’t want to. There’s never time for it. I can’t find people to go with. And because of the long break, I worry if I will last half an hour without falling apart.

I do miss partying. But I guess it will never become close to the wonderful memories I made seven years ago again.

Taking risks when I was younger was all about living life to the fullest. It was all about the thrill and achievement. Sneaking in and out of the hostel, lying to folks, going for trips.. it was the age I was willing to get my hands dirty. My responsibilities and priorities were minimalistic and thoughts carefree. Even risks that brought regret was a life lesson.

And now life has blown up. Too many things to accomplish and a feel of very little time. The things to lose and the risk of losing has shot up exponentially that risk is not even an option anymore and a life lesson at this point might not be so pretty.

Being responsible is one thing. Living in fear is another. And the latter is not pretty to live with. Growing up is stressful!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Night and Day.”