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Ooooh, this could get ugly 😛
No, not really. The X in question here is the life that slipped away.

My passion for dance started at a super young age. I started when I was three years old and from what my mum tells me, I was a natural. I was the happiest when I was practicing and I would never miss a chance to dance. Dancing was my only creative outlet. Ever heard of the saying, dancing is like dreaming with your feet? True story!

I danced for years till it started affecting my studies. Since then it has been one break after the other. I took it up again after school. Then it stopped when I went off to college. I started practicing after college, which was amazing as I got chances to perform with the school I was involved with. Then life got in the way again. I had to move cos of work and that has been a break ever since.  Martha Graham was right. Dance is the hidden language of the soul!

If things were different, if I could hold on to one thing all my life, it would be dancing. I always wanted it as part of my life always. If I had the chance, it would have been my career today. There is nothing like having a passionate career and no doubt dancing would’ve been one.

Dance has always been my first love. And I still dream of a day when I would get back out there!


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Reach.”

(Image taken from Google and edited by me.)