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Writing is really therapeutic for me. I was thinking of what to write all day because I really wanted to. And that too about something happy. For some reason, I had a block in my mind. I decided to work from home today.  Not much excitement comes by on a day like this. The usual work happens and some cooking up in the kitchen for lunch. I leave the television on just to have something happening in the background.

Right now, I have four things going on in my mind – Cooking, Work, Television and finally my restless mind.

I read something interesting today. Touch is the first sense we develop! And it remains a crucial part of our lives, doesn’t it? Touch is such a powerful and beautiful thing! A pat on the back, a hug, a gentle stroke on the head; Or something negative like an angry push, a slap; Or romantic gestures like a kiss, holding hands, or being in someone’s arms. And then there is touch therapy, where the therapist modulates a patient’s energy.  I don’t know how it works, but it’s amazing how such a small sense can do wonders.

Then I wandered about to think how about being housewife against being a working woman in this century. I never understood why being a housewife was something that seemed not to be proud of. It’s not easy being a housewife. Women all around the world can vouch for it! Managing a house is no different from what we do in the corporate world. It all comes down to time management, planning, having a schedule, to-do lists, so on. Basically being on your toe all the time! I think I’ll definitely write about it some other day.

Then I dreamt about a friend, who once was my best friend and today we hardly know each other. Tomorrow is her birthday and I hope she has a fabulous day! 🙂

Oh in between all this drama, I watched bits and pieces of the movie, “This is 40”. So, that got me thinking again, about being 40. Who will I be at that age? Would I be a cranky and angry mother? Would I still be working or running behind kids? Would my kids see who I am and start becoming like me? Oh God, no! Would career, kids, financial hardships and whatever life throws at us, make my husband and me a boring couple? I am sure I won’t see it coming. It will dawn upon me overnight! Sigh.

This ranting eventually became a post! I even managed to cook dinner between writing this, and now I am hungry.

Guess I’ll see you later 🙂