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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”

Irrelevant thoughts ahead. I always look at a draft of what I wrote and think if it’s worthy of being posted. As much as I challenge myself, I question my writings. I am a critic of everything around me and I look at myself with the way I am and I think I am an-almost-perfectionist-but-rarely-one, kinda person.

Five minutes, making sure this was actually the song I heard last (I am still not sure!), ten to fifteen minutes scribbling, five minutes reviewing and another five minutes telling myself to post it!

Getting back to the song. It’s quite a new one, Lean On by Major Lazer. I happen to hear it over the radio and background music caught my attention first which made me want to watch the video. To my surprise, the video was shot in Maharashtra, India. This song became the official song for 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup. The next thing I know, I am addicted to this song. It became the top five songs I would listen back and forth.

The lyrics are pretty straight forward in my head. Listening to the song repeatedly leaves you with the line, “all we need is somebody to lean on”. And (according to me) no matter what, even if you hate the idea of being in a relationship or have had multiple failed relationships – be it family or love or friendship, in the ending having someone to lean on is a blessing! Someone to talk to, depend on (how much ever independent one is), someone to handle the tantrums. As we grow old, being alone can get difficult. When your family has moved on and friends have their families and priorities, having someone as your own can come in handy!
It’s not impossible living alone. It’s just really hard.

The focus of this post is the third line – “Innocent, remember?
The third line makes me wonder if anyone can recall being innocent. I think I stopped being innocent really early on. I remember being stubborn, rebellious and breaking the rules ever since I was in kindergarten. Hell, my mom tells me that on my first day of kindergarten, my tutor made me stand on top of the desk for something I did. 😛

From there all the naughtiness just took a toll – lies were told, pranks were played, the rules were broken, and so many more. That’s a story for another day!