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A tad bit late for this prompt. My thoughts sprang off into multiple directions when I read this prompt. So many angles to look from.

Seven Ideologies

Humility. Be humble about yourself and one another. And among each other.

Respect. Respect each other, their life, privacy, and values.

Tranquility. Be at peace with who you are and who you are surrounded by.

Freedom. Freedom to be who you are, to follow your culture; to express your opinions (with respect).

Hospitality. Be friendly and social with one another.

Generosity. Be kind to one another

Integrity. Be fair and sincere to yourself and one another.

Seven Values

Morality. Know what is wrong and what is right. And live by those principles.

Individuality. Have a character of your own with your own values. Never get influenced by an outside force and try to be someone you are not, nor do anything you don’t believe in.

Compassion. In the end, we are all humans living on planet earth. Love and take care of one another.

Gratitude. Be grateful every single day.

Commitment. Be dedicated to what you strongly believe in.

Patience. Be calm and tolerant even when things get tougher.

Honesty. Be original.

Attitude to live by

Live life like there is no tomorrow

 Clearly I jumped the gun! When I went back and read it again, it was pretty clear what it meant. I chose to keep the above anyway.

So the seven Words


Thank you




Pretty much like a storm in a teacup, wasn’t it? Sorry about that 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.”