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It’s the perfect day to write about rain! Why? It’s been raining crazy since last week. Yeah, that’s right. Last week was just the evenings when it would rain and never stop till dawn. This week, it’s been pretty non-stop. It’s always cloudy and windy.


This weather cries for a hot chocolate and a blanket and a good read. Funny how I never have time to do those things. And I have this week off with the most laziest weather outside! I wish somebody would get me all this!

So for the time being, coffee and my blanket will do 🙂


I have been blogging all day, catching up on my daily posts and reading up the blogs I love.  Next in my list is to catch up on a movie in the comfort of my bedroom!

Today is a happy day 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singin’ in the Rain.”