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Why do we remind ourselves to take the camera before we head out for a trip? Why do we click pictures when we are in for a movie? Why click pictures when we’re having lunch with friends? Memories.

And nowadays, after we click these “memories”, we spend another 10 mins cropping, editing and adding effects to it. Then some more time figuring out where to upload it – Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? (Gosh, there are so many platforms these days!) The lazy bunch has just uploaded it everywhere.

I have done this too, I admit. I still do it. It would be just one of those days, either I had a lot of fun or I just ended up looking damn good in that one photo, that I couldn’t refuse to show the world 🙂

But I never really understood the idea of putting my life pictographically out there for everyone to see and possibly envy to an extent. It’s so easy to get misguided from these platforms because all we put up is happy and happening stuff, with the exception of someone’s death or passing an important message/warning around.

If I look in your Facebook wall or Instagram or maybe even on Snapchat today, I would see most of the stuff I am going to mention down here – “At the movies” selfie, a trip, meeting an old friend, at some party, a convocation or a wedding or a birthday or a new born baby of a dear one? Maybe a click from a washroom just because the lighting was too damn good? All of that and so much more.

In Instagram, it’s more mundane. A brand new shoes or a bag? Or an engagement ring, or food or a hot cup of coffee, and those ordinary like things we all go by.

Earlier Facebook was just about special occasions and moments. Instagram was the place where everyone could randomly post everyday stuff because Instagram is like a photo journal. Then Instagram got integrated with Facebook and now we see all kinds of stuff on Facebook.

I had a cappuccino today, (boom)  it’s on Instagram. I got a haircut and the stylist made me look super good, (boom) it’s on Instagram. I managed to go for a run, which I do after so many struggles. It’s a milestone; let’s put it up on Insta. I’ve done most of it so please don’t get misguided, am not complaining. Am totally game for seeing all these fun stuff my friends do, but for some reason it feels alright to see it on Instagram because that is what the app is for. Facebook was never that in the beginning. But now it’s that too, and we’ve all become ok with it.

So coming to the reason behind this random post. Do you remember why any of us started taking photographs?

It is not a new trend. It started way back. Yes, it was a way to hold onto dear memories, cherish the milestones, and show our next generation who someone was and how the life was back then, and so on.

Those photographs were printed and all of them without any filter made it to an actual physical album. These albums would go down the family as a kind of heirloom. The photos that get spoiled in time would be processed and fixed. There comes a day, usually a cozy rainy holiday when these albums would come out and we would go through it one by one. See how our folks used to be when they were young, kind of dress they used to wear, kind of parties they used to go to. How we used to look when we were kids, and hear stories of how naughty we were as kids. It becomes a day of bonding! Hearing these stories from our parents, their stories and our stories, is precious. It brings everyone closer!

And now most of the time an album is the one we create and upload in Facebook or Flickr. Photographs are clicked and uploaded, of course, for memories, but also uploaded to show our friends what we’ve been up to as well. It has been so often and shallow, that it sometimes hurts a few others who are on the other side. Either they don’t go as often as you, or they were not invited? Or simply because they seem to think that you have a fantabulous life. And when you feel the photographs or the album were not well received by your friends cos of the lack of likes and comments? Oh, you get hurt big time! I can tell there are so many people who take down their photo or album because nobody cared to like or comment (no, I have not done that: P)! There are even some, very few, who asks their friends to see and like. It’s harmless, but it’s pointless too.

We are driven by the idea of what others think about our life. And for what? Attention has become one of our favorite poisons.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂