This prompt is a bit tricky because I am writing this much later that the prompt date and it has to be in the present tense! So do I write about Jan 02nd in present tense? I think that’s fair.

As I wake up in the morning, the little bit of blueness in me about new year starts to fade. I go and make myself a coffee and sit on my balcony pondering about how I can make this year worthwhile. I dream of finding that perfect Planner that will help me get everything organized and categorized. I love planning. I love having every aspect of my life in an order. And it’s chaotic when things aren’t organized. Even if it takes me the entire January, I don’t care. I will find that planner.

We have planned a family outing for today. Shopping, movie and dinner.  Three things that both old and young aged people will enjoy. Little bit of bonding and light moments, everyone is happy in the end. It is not an exceptional day, but when you see the happiness of your parents and how much it means to them, you are content.

A long tiring day is over and I crash on my couch the moment I step in and just chill. I like lazy evenings.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Write Here, Write Now