The days of yore: When the skin was tighter

Waists smaller, Hair more alive,

And most importantly – when everything fit.

I never knew the concept of watching what you eat or working out, that you needed protection from the sun and the concept of tan, taking care of your skin and hair, so on. I didn’t learn all that until it was too late. Because of my ignorance, I didn’t take my body seriously. I took it for granted. If I had known about all this, maybe had a sister or a friend who shared this information? Maybe I still wouldn’t have cared because as I grew up I learned that beauty doesn’t mean being thin or fair. It’s the person who you are when no ones watching that makes you beautiful and ugly. And I am a strong believer of that.

But coming back to today’s prompt.

I am not someone who follows the current trends and shop and dress accordingly. I am more of wear what’s comfy and wear what fits right kind of person. I have been that way all my life except when I was a kid, my mum had more say in the matter being the conservative person she is. Her idea was always bright, lively happy colors – loose fitting – long enough, you get the drift right? I grew up as a tomboy and I had my shabbily dressed days and well clothed days.

Being the 80’s kid, I saw a hell lot of styles come and go. And most of them have made their way back currently. You know what they say .. Fashion is a cycle? It’s true! Some of the styles that were popular back in the day –

Bell bottoms and umbrella skirts | Denim jackets | Fanny packs | Smileys pins on your bags and clothes| Hoop earrings| Spandex pants anyone? | Sweaters tied around the neck or waist cos its “cool”| Those “Frankie Says” tees? | Puffy sleeves | Shoulder pads on all your clothes? | Sweatbands cos it looked cool?

It’s endless. I personally loved bell bottoms. And I loved tying the sweaters around my waist. I had almost all colors of hoop earrings. I had smileys pinned on my bag. I loved crop tops as a kid. But my go-to attire was always jeans and a tee shirt.

After I started working, the casual concept moved to anything formal that was comfy and what needed least maintenance. And on those lazy days, its grab what you find first and get out. Am I the only one who is getting least bothered about how I look as I grow older? One of the reasons why I made a decision this year (not a resolution, but a life choice) to take the effort to plan my clothes. To be well dressed all the time. A little goes a long way! Makes me feel more confident and positive about each day.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: New Sensation