I have not been trying to quit anything. But I have been trying to change something and start something new as well. I have been wanting to change the way I get ready for a while now. I am always unprepared when it comes to planning my outfits. Be it for work or at home. Even though I plan my outfits for a trip or special occasions, I still do it in a hurry without much thought or effort. I am declaring that I am a badly dressed person,no. I am presentable but I dress up in a hurry. I look fine, but I personally never feel excited or confident about myself anymore. Two years ago, that was not the case. And dressing up makes a lot of difference to both your attitude and mind. You feel happier, confident and positive. You are mentally more energetic.  Even though the thoughts have been in my head for a long time, it took me a days’ time to start. I got myself an app that helps me have a virtual wardrobe. I sorted my entire wardrobe and uploaded all my outfits to my phone. And planning your outfit doesn’t take much time once you have your wardrobe all sorted. But the little effort I put in daily goes a long way. So I guess went cold turkey in this case.

I’ve been trying to get into a healthy lifestyle for some time now. I started playing badminton, which died down in a couple of months. Then I started running in the mornings which also died down after a couple of breaks in between. I started working out at home, which again went nowhere. And finally I joined the gym and touch wood, am on my second month and I promised myself that this time I will not let anything come my way. I strategically chose the gym at work because, let’s face it, work is probably the only thing you do every damn day of the year. So I have no reason to not see through this till the end.  So this was a gradual change.

I started with these two aspects in my life in the beginning of December, and I see it as a life choice and not a New Year resolution.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Happy Endings