Tell us about a time when you had to choose between two options, and you picked the unpopular choice.

He was doing good at his job, crossing challenges and getting many appreciations. Living his bachelor life in all ways he could in the little town he lived in. He had few responsibilities since his mum lived with him. But he had his limitations too, because of the same reason. He had no savings nor was he planning in those lines of settling down. He was young and naive.

In a few years, he fell in love with his best friend and they went out for a year or two. The wedding drama started building up on her side of the family. Since they both were of the same age, it was a difficult place to be in: For her, it was time to settle down. And for him, it was too soon and too fast.

He had very little time to decide. But being a person who follows his heart, he had no doubt what he wanted. He was the first one to get married among his friends. The pressure of a wedding, at a young age and with not much help; it is not easy!

Popular or Not popular? Depends on perspective.
The heart wants what it wants 🙂