I could choose the third point make any two people agree with each other, to give myself a chance to be a reason for peace in some level. But I know that is not going to much difference being a small fish in a humongous ocean this world is.

Time travel sounds a lot of fun, but it’s not practical and its messy to go back or into the future. The element of surprise in your future and the teachings of your past is there for a reason and its absolutely healthy. I’d rather leave time as it is, unless I was crazy about history and wanted to see how everything happened back in the time.

Oh wait, if I could travel in time, I would for sure be able to tell the world about religion and what really happened back then! Damn, that’s interesting. Then again, not knowing in a way is healthy for everyone.

Weirdly enough, I was thinking about the idea of being able to speak and understand all the languages in the world few days back. Imagine how much effort one needs to put in, not only to be able to store that much data in your brain, but to be able to figure out what language is being spoken by a person at a given time and shift your brain accordingly to be able to respond to it! I mean of all the languages in this world today, to process so much at a given time? Man, that is tough. I would be a real super hero with a unique power.

Because of this prompt today I learnt that there are about 6500 languages in the world (Mandarin Chinese is the most popular one).

So that’s what I choose. I am the one who knows all the languages in the world 😉

In response to the Daily Prompt, A Bird, A plane, You!