I am a confident person, no doubt about that. It brings great pleasure when I am asked to do something outside my scope of work. And I can speak confidently about a subject I have decent knowledge about, to my peers in a casual scenario.

I like to think that I love challenges but I am also a deep thinker which has often brought down my confidence. I think of possibilities and probabilities of any given situation and unless I have a clear idea of how I am going to handle them, I won’t be able to move forward. It’s really a shame considering the fact that it has not happened, nor is there an assurance that it will happen. Lol.

But given a formal chance to speak in a forum? I absolutely have stage fright! And ironically, I hate giving up a chance that was given to me because of a specific reason. So I will go up there and I will face the crowd in front of me. I would not have slept the day before and I probably would’ve gone to the loo multiple times before I was ready to go.. I would not be remembering a word of what I have prepared and I am positive I would screw most of it up.

But I will still go through it. And with no shame, I will go back and do it all over again!

In response to the Daily Prompt, Naked with Black Socks.

PS: Is it a phrase – “Naked with Black Socks”? I didn’t quite understand the relation between prompt’s name and the description.