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I was named after an Indian television news anchor was my dad really admired. Back in the day when Doordarshan was the default channel, she was known by all. A keralite by birth, she grew up in Delhi and many other cities later on as her Indian Naval Officer dad traveled a lot.
She later went into producing and hosting other shows and also became the voice of Indian National Radio.

Before I knew all this, I used to wonder why they gave me a short and uncommon name. But now that there is a story behind it and the person behind it is such a successful woman, I feel good about it.

If I could rename myself, I wouldn’t take it. I mean, after hearing the story, I realized how much thought they put into it and it’s exciting for any parent. I myself think of that even when I personally dont want to have one. I’ll embrace this name all the way. 🙂

In response to the Daily Prompt, Say Your Name