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Think of anything you want to accomplish on a day to day basis. There is an app to help you make it easier and faster. Apps make our life as chilled out as living in Disney world. And eventually makes us lazy as hell.

There is an app to help you wake up in the morning, to put you to sleep at night with soothing music to your ears.

It all started with the ecommerce apps for clothing, gadgets, and appliances. Then it came down to the basic needs of food, grocery, liquors. And now it meets your home needs like carpenters, plumbers, pest controls, home cleaning and even your dirty clothes! Schedule a time to pick up your dirty clothes via an app and have it dropped back all clean and ironed! You can even get an instructor to come home to help you with yoga or any other exercise via apps.
And now there is an app for getting your medicines delivered. All you have to do is upload the prescription. I am not sure how they are going to validate the authenticity of the prescription but it’s out there and it’s useful.

Name anything under the sun, there is an app for it. Well, almost a perfect living.

I do enjoy the luxury an app gives me. But I hate it when things aren’t personal anymore, you know? I still like to see my vegetables before buying it! I enjoy the whole going to the gym feel and not the gym coming to me. I like the joy shopping gives me, which online shopping never will.
I know this entire works for busy people, and I understand that. I get the “why don’t we just order it online” from my husband all the time! I just worry if all this is getting us to a day when we are not going to get out of our damn couch and have a life!