Write Here, Write Now

This prompt is a bit tricky because I am writing this much later that the prompt date and it has to be in the present tense! So do I write about Jan 02nd in present tense? I think that’s fair.

As I wake up in the morning, the little bit of blueness in me about new year starts to fade. I go and make myself a coffee and sit on my balcony pondering about how I can make this year worthwhile. I dream of finding that perfect Planner that will help me get everything organized and categorized. I love planning. I love having every aspect of my life in an order. And it’s chaotic when things aren’t organized. Even if it takes me the entire January, I don’t care. I will find that planner.

We have planned a family outing for today. Shopping, movie and dinner.  Three things that both old and young aged people will enjoy. Little bit of bonding and light moments, everyone is happy in the end. It is not an exceptional day, but when you see the happiness of your parents and how much it means to them, you are content.

A long tiring day is over and I crash on my couch the moment I step in and just chill. I like lazy evenings.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Write Here, Write Now


New Year, this and that.

Last year and this year we stayed home for New Year’s. We threw a party at home last year, which was a lot of fun and a great success, but tiring for the host. This year we were broke with us going over the moon for Christmas. So we decided to be “grown up” about the whole deal. Worst decision ever!

Bad luck had it, we were working late that day which drained off all our enthusiasm and energy. I slept off and woke up just in time for the countdown. And I couldn’t be more bothered about New Year’s! I couldn’t wait to get back to bed!

Pretty lame, isn’t it?

So if you ask me if I’d rather have been somewhere else, I would say yes. I’d love to be surrounded by the people I love. And I’d love to do something other than watch television. I’d love to be doing something and not be sitting at one place. I’d like to go to bed that night without any regrets.

I clearly started this year on a down and I hope that it only motivates me to work towards being on a high.

Happy New Year to all of you out there 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Stroke of Midnight

Photographs and Memories


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Why do we remind ourselves to take the camera before we head out for a trip? Why do we click pictures when we are in for a movie? Why click pictures when we’re having lunch with friends? Memories.

And nowadays, after we click these “memories”, we spend another 10 mins cropping, editing and adding effects to it. Then some more time figuring out where to upload it – Instagram? Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat? (Gosh, there are so many platforms these days!) The lazy bunch has just uploaded it everywhere.

I have done this too, I admit. I still do it. It would be just one of those days, either I had a lot of fun or I just ended up looking damn good in that one photo, that I couldn’t refuse to show the world 🙂

But I never really understood the idea of putting my life pictographically out there for everyone to see and possibly envy to an extent. It’s so easy to get misguided from these platforms because all we put up is happy and happening stuff, with the exception of someone’s death or passing an important message/warning around.

If I look in your Facebook wall or Instagram or maybe even on Snapchat today, I would see most of the stuff I am going to mention down here – “At the movies” selfie, a trip, meeting an old friend, at some party, a convocation or a wedding or a birthday or a new born baby of a dear one? Maybe a click from a washroom just because the lighting was too damn good? All of that and so much more.

In Instagram, it’s more mundane. A brand new shoes or a bag? Or an engagement ring, or food or a hot cup of coffee, and those ordinary like things we all go by.

Earlier Facebook was just about special occasions and moments. Instagram was the place where everyone could randomly post everyday stuff because Instagram is like a photo journal. Then Instagram got integrated with Facebook and now we see all kinds of stuff on Facebook.

I had a cappuccino today, (boom)  it’s on Instagram. I got a haircut and the stylist made me look super good, (boom) it’s on Instagram. I managed to go for a run, which I do after so many struggles. It’s a milestone; let’s put it up on Insta. I’ve done most of it so please don’t get misguided, am not complaining. Am totally game for seeing all these fun stuff my friends do, but for some reason it feels alright to see it on Instagram because that is what the app is for. Facebook was never that in the beginning. But now it’s that too, and we’ve all become ok with it.

So coming to the reason behind this random post. Do you remember why any of us started taking photographs?

It is not a new trend. It started way back. Yes, it was a way to hold onto dear memories, cherish the milestones, and show our next generation who someone was and how the life was back then, and so on.

Those photographs were printed and all of them without any filter made it to an actual physical album. These albums would go down the family as a kind of heirloom. The photos that get spoiled in time would be processed and fixed. There comes a day, usually a cozy rainy holiday when these albums would come out and we would go through it one by one. See how our folks used to be when they were young, kind of dress they used to wear, kind of parties they used to go to. How we used to look when we were kids, and hear stories of how naughty we were as kids. It becomes a day of bonding! Hearing these stories from our parents, their stories and our stories, is precious. It brings everyone closer!

And now most of the time an album is the one we create and upload in Facebook or Flickr. Photographs are clicked and uploaded, of course, for memories, but also uploaded to show our friends what we’ve been up to as well. It has been so often and shallow, that it sometimes hurts a few others who are on the other side. Either they don’t go as often as you, or they were not invited? Or simply because they seem to think that you have a fantabulous life. And when you feel the photographs or the album were not well received by your friends cos of the lack of likes and comments? Oh, you get hurt big time! I can tell there are so many people who take down their photo or album because nobody cared to like or comment (no, I have not done that: P)! There are even some, very few, who asks their friends to see and like. It’s harmless, but it’s pointless too.

We are driven by the idea of what others think about our life. And for what? Attention has become one of our favorite poisons.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Rainy day is a lazy day!


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It’s the perfect day to write about rain! Why? It’s been raining crazy since last week. Yeah, that’s right. Last week was just the evenings when it would rain and never stop till dawn. This week, it’s been pretty non-stop. It’s always cloudy and windy.


This weather cries for a hot chocolate and a blanket and a good read. Funny how I never have time to do those things. And I have this week off with the most laziest weather outside! I wish somebody would get me all this!

So for the time being, coffee and my blanket will do 🙂


I have been blogging all day, catching up on my daily posts and reading up the blogs I love.  Next in my list is to catch up on a movie in the comfort of my bedroom!

Today is a happy day 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singin’ in the Rain.”

a decorated monastery

The second largest Tibetan settlement outside Tibet is the Tibetan Monastery in Coorg. The temple is known for its splendid art work and the 40 ft tall golden Buddha statues.


The etchings outside and inside of the temple depicts different stories from the Tibetan Buddhist mythology.


DSC02872 Coorg

The picture does not have much clarity, but it serves the purpose of this post!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”


I have always loved writing. As a kid, I used to have those little girly diaries where I would write the silliest things. I love writing letters and long mails. I even love jotting things down like to do lists, making schedules, planning and so on. Earlier it used to be a pen and paper. Now it’s my laptop.

I started blogging years before because I wanted to put down my thoughts and experiences as I grew up. Sometimes I get lucky and write something creative. It gives me a feeling of being part of something bigger and I always tell myself, who knows, one day I could make a difference somewhere to someone!

I know am not amazing at it, but pushing myself to write something regularly gives a sense of achievement.

I started with a journal kind of entries and mundane stuff. Now I write about my travels and I have a section for the pictures I take, even though I am not a professional. I hope to start writing about food, recipes and review and someday write about depression and how to deal with it. But it takes a lot of effort and time, and I still have lots of homework to do.

And when someone stops by my page and reads it, leaves a note of appreciation or a like, it makes my day! It’s like a virtual pat on the back and that feeling is beyond containment.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”

Queen Arabian Sea – what a beauty!


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I was lucky enough to stay at two spots during my trip to Trivandrum, Kerala – at the gorgeous Kovalam beach and at the backwaters of Poovar.

Before heading to Kerala, I managed to read few write-ups about this place. Being a Keralite myself, I didn’t know Kovalam meant grove of coconut trees. And guess what I saw there? An endless sight of coconut trees indeed.


I was here when I was a small kid and it is nothing like that now. It is a developed tourist spot, with natural beauty still kept intact. It is clean considering the amount of tourists that visit here and not to mention the localites as well.

Today a favorite spot for tourists, Kovalam was discovered around the 1930s. It’s an internationally known place for its adjacent crescent beaches. The city from Kovalam is around 16kms and the best way to commute is definitely in a cab.

Three beaches make this gorgeous Kovalam – the Lighthouse beach, Hawah beach and Samudra beach.


the three beaches of Kovalam

Lighthouse beach is the popular beach of Kovalam. The eye candy here is definitely the red and white striped lighthouse located at the southern end, called Vizhinjam Lighthouse. It is located on a Kurumkal hillock at a height of 118feet. It’s entirely built of stones and you can climb up the spiral steps to see a gorgeous view of the entire coast! Unfortunately, it was closed when I visited so I do not have a picture to show you guys! 😦

Then there is the Hawah beach which is to the north of Lighthouse beach. It is also called Eve’s beach.

Samudra is the north side of the beach. A rocky promontory separates it from the others. You will find upscale resorts like Taj and Leela here.


Vizhinjam Lighthouse


Vizhinjam Lighthouse

Things to do in Kovalam are plenty – like swimming, sunbathing, massages, cultural programs, cruises, surfing, fishing, and so on. For those who love to play, you can play football or volleyball at the beach.

I was very happy with my stay at Leela. The food is to die for and the management here is always ready to help. The day we arrived, a couple of us went down to the Lighthouse beach to see the lighthouse. That evening we had a football game on the hotels private beach and a quick dip in the beach before we called it a night. We had a quick dip in the pool before we got cleaned up and had a sumptuous dinner making us immobile 😛

I stayed at Leela Kovalam for a night, and man I didn’t want to go to my room. The view was to die for! When you look out to the sea, you feel like you can almost see the end of the world. The bright blue sky and the green sea merge seamlessly. And watching such a gorgeous view lying in the infinity pool is definitely an experience!


View from Leela


Leela’s private beach


as the weather changed from sunny to storm(y)


Early morning at a romantic spot!


Infinity pool

I was up early in the morning and I decided to go for a walk! I cannot explain how beautiful the view was. And a lot of fishermen going about their usual routine.


Fishermen everywhere!


Fishermen at their best!


I caught another guy fishing


these rocks and the high tide didn’t stop this fisherman from getting his job done!


that plastic bag is filled with fishes!


the view I woke up to!

The next day we headed to Poovar. Poovar is another popular place in Trivandrum among tourists. It is almost the southern tip of the state. After Poovar, there is a village called Pozhiyoor which is where Kerala ends. Poovar was a major trading center a long back for sandalwood and spices.

I stayed at the island resorts and I must give you a heads up, it is the location that is key here. The resort was not up to my expectation. It was old and not well maintained. It was clean and just manageable, but I really do think they could do wonders with this place.  Their floating cottages are pretty decent compared to their land cottages.

tvm blog

Floating Cottages at Poovar Island Resort

Poovar is no doubt a tropical paradise. It’s capsuled with countless coconut trees, and the beautiful and well-kept beach, you can observe the fishermen fishing. One can catch a beautiful crimson sunset here. Sitting at the beach, watching the sun go down with the marvelous oceans sound and the breeze, it really soothes you down.


Sunset at Poovar


Sunset at Poovar


just a random peek a boo shot


Look what I found 🙂

The resort had arranged some activities in the evening, which I must admit was a lot of fun.  If you’re going with a crowd, this definitely brings everyone to a jolly good mood. We also managed to play a bit of cricket among the coconut trees, which was pretty hard I admit, but we had a good laugh.

The food here is pretty lame and did not have much variety. The lunch we had in the first day was pretty much the same for dinner and for lunch the next day. I was disappointed. The breakfast menu had everything, but it really wasn’t tasty. It was merely ok.

Some tips and information that helped me out:

  • It’s a tourist spot, so planning and booking ahead is the favorable. Off seasons will be more economical for those working on a budget trip. There are plenty of resorts at Kovalam and Poovar with all kinds of rates.
  • This place is mostly hot and humid. Keep a sunscreen handy throughout!
  • Minimal and comfortable clothes as opposed to layers of clothing are the best. And comfortable shoes are the best from my experience.
  • If you’ve planned, mostly an outdoor trip than an indoor, sandals hats and sunglasses are definitely a must have.
  • From the airport, Leela is around 14kms and Poovar around 30kms.
  • From the railway station, Leela is around 12kms and Poovar around 28kms.
  • I would recommend commuting in a cab, as I have found it to be faster and stress free.



We checked out a little early as we had some meetings scheduled.  The quick three day weekend was a bit tiring as there was a lot of traveling, but it was an awful lot of fun, having spent time with fun people at fun places. I am all about the beach baby! 😀

Downsizing to SEVEN words


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A tad bit late for this prompt. My thoughts sprang off into multiple directions when I read this prompt. So many angles to look from.

Seven Ideologies

Humility. Be humble about yourself and one another. And among each other.

Respect. Respect each other, their life, privacy, and values.

Tranquility. Be at peace with who you are and who you are surrounded by.

Freedom. Freedom to be who you are, to follow your culture; to express your opinions (with respect).

Hospitality. Be friendly and social with one another.

Generosity. Be kind to one another

Integrity. Be fair and sincere to yourself and one another.

Seven Values

Morality. Know what is wrong and what is right. And live by those principles.

Individuality. Have a character of your own with your own values. Never get influenced by an outside force and try to be someone you are not, nor do anything you don’t believe in.

Compassion. In the end, we are all humans living on planet earth. Love and take care of one another.

Gratitude. Be grateful every single day.

Commitment. Be dedicated to what you strongly believe in.

Patience. Be calm and tolerant even when things get tougher.

Honesty. Be original.

Attitude to live by

Live life like there is no tomorrow

 Clearly I jumped the gun! When I went back and read it again, it was pretty clear what it meant. I chose to keep the above anyway.

So the seven Words


Thank you




Pretty much like a storm in a teacup, wasn’t it? Sorry about that 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.”

Innocent, remember?


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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”

Irrelevant thoughts ahead. I always look at a draft of what I wrote and think if it’s worthy of being posted. As much as I challenge myself, I question my writings. I am a critic of everything around me and I look at myself with the way I am and I think I am an-almost-perfectionist-but-rarely-one, kinda person.

Five minutes, making sure this was actually the song I heard last (I am still not sure!), ten to fifteen minutes scribbling, five minutes reviewing and another five minutes telling myself to post it!

Getting back to the song. It’s quite a new one, Lean On by Major Lazer. I happen to hear it over the radio and background music caught my attention first which made me want to watch the video. To my surprise, the video was shot in Maharashtra, India. This song became the official song for 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup. The next thing I know, I am addicted to this song. It became the top five songs I would listen back and forth.

The lyrics are pretty straight forward in my head. Listening to the song repeatedly leaves you with the line, “all we need is somebody to lean on”. And (according to me) no matter what, even if you hate the idea of being in a relationship or have had multiple failed relationships – be it family or love or friendship, in the ending having someone to lean on is a blessing! Someone to talk to, depend on (how much ever independent one is), someone to handle the tantrums. As we grow old, being alone can get difficult. When your family has moved on and friends have their families and priorities, having someone as your own can come in handy!
It’s not impossible living alone. It’s just really hard.

The focus of this post is the third line – “Innocent, remember?
The third line makes me wonder if anyone can recall being innocent. I think I stopped being innocent really early on. I remember being stubborn, rebellious and breaking the rules ever since I was in kindergarten. Hell, my mom tells me that on my first day of kindergarten, my tutor made me stand on top of the desk for something I did. 😛

From there all the naughtiness just took a toll – lies were told, pranks were played, the rules were broken, and so many more. That’s a story for another day!